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Flax is one the traditional branches of farming of the Republic of Latvia. Flax is one of the oldest domesticated plants and was cultivated in prehistoric times. Also flax is an excellent example of an ecological raw material, technology, and final product. It is the future of man - made natural fibres.

The line of business of Latvian – Belgian company Baltiks East is varying from flax fiber, flax sliver and flax seeds export to linen goods production. We are marketing in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Baltic states.


To possess good relations with transport and forwarding companies, we can provide with the products supply directly to your warehouse.

"Baltiks East Ltd'" is always t0 your services! Please call to us (+371) 64607287 in the office hours or facsimile on (+371) 64607288 or send your e-mails baltiks@apollo.lv or latlin@apollo.lv.

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