Twister – Drying, storage and seed cleaning kit

Linen yarn Green 100 g.
Flax scutch

1. THREE BINS TWISTER MODEL B 14 made in Canada with a steel conical bottom capacity 55 m³, diameter 4.2 m, height 4.9 m, zinc coating of corrugated metal of G115 standard, (galvanization degree 350 gr/m³).  Snow load on the roof of the  Bins  195 – kg/m². The wind load on the  Bins is 177 km/h. Designed for storing grain of any crops. Quality and durability. Unloading option – a screw with a height of 4,5 m.

Steel Bins taper bottom  equipped as standard.

Tērauda konusveida apakšējo vijumu tvertnes, kas aprīkotas standarta aprīkojumā

40 steel feet-stand and cone inspection hatch.

Additional equipment includes: a through screw, and protective tubes, a cleaning 4,5 meter vertical screw, a grain level sensor, system ventilation.

Standard equipment. Quick installation.

New, not used.

2. STATIONARY, PORTIONAL GRAIN DRYER MEPU S SERIES (Nr. 21900, 2011, jauns, nelietojams) from Finnish galvanized steel Ruukki (zinc content – 450 g/m²), with a heat exchanger MEPU EKI 125.  Equipment allows to use the grain dryer for a long period.

The dryer uses a “vacuum” heated air supply circuit.

Fans “draw out” the heated air, creating negative pressure in the grain dryer, so that the grain is dried evenly. 4 stages of work: Loading, Drying, Cooling and Unloading.

The equipment includes:

Lower gutter, roller feed with blades, duct, drying chamber,

buffer hopper, pre-cleaner with spreader, axial and centrifugal fans, control unit.

New, not used.

3. GRAIN CLEANER KUT800, F 702 JK, Czech Republic.

The modular type with horizontal grid is made of galvanized steel, the number of sieves 2.

Output: 6 t/h in pre-treatment mode, 2 t/h in seed sorting mode. Electric motor power 1,4 kW. Rigid fixation of the grid . Rubber self-cleaning for the sieves, ball system, air aspiration.

Total weight 220 kg.

New, not used.

This equipment has been installed in accordance with the Project of Agricultural Modernization.

Manufactures: Edwards Group, a division of AGI – Grain Guard and Twister brands, Canada; MEPU Oy, Finland